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World Burn Congress

Once again firefighters appeared as if from nowhere to help us install the exhibit; and today another seven materialized to help us put it back in its crates. Thank you thank you thank you. WORLD BURN CONGRESS, presented annually by … Continue reading

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World Burn Congress

Tomorrow we’ll be heading to CINCINNATI install Better Angels at the World Burn Congress where it will be on exhibit through Saturday. Better Angels is CONFIRMED for a special exhibit open to the public in the Rayburn Office Building in … Continue reading

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Individual Memorials

While the official (and beautiful) 9/11 Memorial opened in New York City last Sunday, there are literally thousands of memorials around the country: in fire houses and town squares, and probably everything in between. From the beginning, I know that … Continue reading

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The Tenth Anniversary

Remembrances and memorials happened around the world today. Here at home, I listened to the names being read for hours.

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Video Recommendations

A friend just sent me a link to this moving 11 minute video about how a half-million people were rescued from Lower Manhattan on 9/11 by a spontaneous flotilla of boats- the largest rescue of its kind in history. [media … Continue reading

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9/11, The Anniversary

They say close only counts in horseshoes. That may be true. We came really really really close to presenting the paintings in a very public place that everyone knows for TWO full weeks in the middle of Manhattan, BUT, while … Continue reading

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Rhett’s Fire Critic Blog Post Better Angels got a post in “The Fire Critic,” Rhett Fleitz’s “unadulterated view of the fire service.” Rhett is a firefighter I met first in Baltimore, then again in Atlanta. I will let him tell the story himself, through … Continue reading

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