Individual Memorials

While the official (and beautiful) 9/11 Memorial opened in New York City last Sunday, there are literally thousands of memorials around the country: in fire houses and town squares, and probably everything in between. From the beginning, I know that many – maybe even most – of the Better Angels posters that have been sold were destined for a memorial wall in their local fire house. Last week I mailed a poster to Italy for exactly that purpose.
Here are photos I received from a 9/11 memorial climb to the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire by the Boston Hiking Club and New England Burn Survivors.

If you have included the Better Angels poster into your firehouse or memorial, PLEASE SEND PICTURES to share on this site.
Here’s the poster inside the Observation Deck shelter, where the Mt. Washington blogger posted: ” Along with the flags flying around the summit there was also a poster memorial as you walked in the state park building of all the firefighters who gave the ultimate sacrifice and gave there lives that day. I found this very touching since my Father is a NJ firefighter who went to assist in the rescue efforts at 9/11 after the towers had collapsed.”

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