World Burn Congress

Once again firefighters appeared as if from nowhere to help us install the exhibit; and today another seven materialized to help us put it back in its crates. Thank you thank you thank you.

WORLD BURN CONGRESS, presented annually by the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, has been inspiring. This is an extraordinary community that supports and learns from one another. My partner, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, has been allied with them for years. There is a natural affinity with the fire service; indeed many of those burned are firefighters. Almost all the rest were rescued and cared for by firefighters until delivered to the care of hospital burn units – another place where extraordinary work is done. My own vanity and aging issues were quickly put into a much more appropriate context here among these burn survivors, and I am thankful for the perspective. Their resilience, perseverance and humor are to be modeled.

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