McCann, Thomas

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  1. Cameron Manderson says:

    Hi. I’m Cameron Manderson a firefighter from New Zealand. On September 11th 2015 I participated in a memorial stair climb up 45 flights of stairs with 25kgs of gear on. Each climber was given a “telly tag” on my tag was FF Thomas J McCann E-65. I was wondering if you have any contact information for his family? As I would love to get in touch.

    Cameron Manderson.

  2. Kevin Wilcox says:

    Hello, I’m kevin a Firefighter from south central Idaho and I am traveling to Dallas Texas to climb in the Annual 9/11 Memorial stair climb. This year I have the Honor and privilege to climb for Thomas McCann from Battalion 8. I am looking to find more information about Mr. McCann and his family? If possible some contact information would be appreciated as I would like to let the family know that there loved one has not and will never will be forgotten and how much we appreciate his sacrifice that he has given.

    Thank you,

    Kevin wilcox
    Firefighter Jerome Idaho

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