McAvoy, John

McAvoy, John

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  1. Meghan McAvoy says:

    John was my cousin. Although I did not see him often; I was very close with his youngest child Kevin. Kevin was 2 years older then me and he took after his father. Always looking out for everyone’s best interest. My dad, aunts, & uncles told me stories about John. And in every story, I heard nothing but good things about him. I don’t remember much of John, but I know for a fact that he will always be my number 1 hero. His shift finished at 9am that morning. && instead of going home, he put his gear back on and ran down there to save lives. He might of lost his; but I know people lived because of his courage and fearlessness. I will never forget his wake. Lines out the door. & Mayor Rudolph Giuliani sat with me and hugged me as i cried sitting on the floor curled into a little ball. I was only 9 years old. I was scared and had no idea what to do or how to handle what was going on around me. But he looked at me and said “Meghan, its okay to be scared. Everyones scared. But just remember that John loved you very much and did what he did for you and your whole family.” Coming from a big Irish family, theres a special bond of closelessness and love. And to this day, John’s memory has kept my family even stronger and closer then ever before. I not only lost a cousin that day; I lost my rolemodel. But forever in my heart he will always stay as my hero and my inspiration. I love and miss you John. Keep watching over me and keeping me safe.

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