Heading South

The paintings are packed in the car.  Heading south to Maryland in the morning.  On Wednesday we will begin attaching the paintings one by one to the wall.  Be still my heart.  Thanks to all for your support.  Please keep helping to spread the word.


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4 Responses to Heading South

  1. Dwan Reece says:

    Congrats! Hope I can get out to see it.

  2. Thanks. I’m trying to gather a posse from your area to come to the Baltimore show. Turns out Brian will be in Vt. Maybe you could bring Maya & Elizabeth? I would love to see you. P.S. We are also trying to get it to DC for October.

  3. Hey Dawn, I would be very interested in photographing anything you do with this in my area. It strikes a chord with me being i have family members on the NYFD. Great project !

  4. Congrats, Dawn. I’ll be buying the poster once I have moved!

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