Firefighter Michael E. Lynch

189 Lynch fb

Firefighter Michael Lynch was actually based in the Bronx with Ladder 32, but was on rotation in to Engine 40 on 9/11. He was engaged to be married that November. The 7th of 10 children, he was the peacemaker in the family – and sometimes at the firehouse – where he would diffuse disagreements with humor like running after Fedex trucks and yelling “WILSON” like he was Ton Hanks in “Cast Away.”

His family has a news video of Michael, in full gear with a coil of hose on his shoulder, and fellow E40 firefighters heading down a stairway in WTC 4 to approach WTC 2 through the underground passage. When his remains were found that next March, they said he had either been carrying a woman to safety or protecting her with his bunker coat.

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