Day Two: Maryland State Firemen’s Assn

This day began with three people in a row who each came to see the painting of Mychael Judge, the chaplain who was the first confirmed death on 9/11. ¬†Over the course of the day a half dozen more came because they had seen yesterday’s local TV interviews. Some of these were retired NYC firefighters. I am grateful for the stories they are telling me, and I hope these stories eventually make it onto this site.

All day long people thanked me. I return those thanks ten times over. I have been waiting years to share this work.

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4 Responses to Day Two: Maryland State Firemen’s Assn

  1. So exciting, Dawn! The web site looks terrific, the paintings look even more terrific. I am thrilled for you that this has finally come together. Keep posting updates!

  2. Dawn: I am thrilled for you that this work is up–I know it’s been a long, major investment of time and energy, not to mention the emotional toll doing such work might take. Congratulations and thank you–

  3. Sara Jones says:

    Great to finally see these paintings mounted in a show as you envisioned. Your hard work pays off through the responses of the public. This is only the beginning of an experience of a lifetime for you and for your work.

  4. This is just wonderful, Dawn! Congratulations and I hope this makes it out our way one of these days! Great work!

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