Capt. Patrick Brown

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Ladder 3 lost all 11 men who rode in “heavy” on 9/11. First is Paddy Brown. I learned early about Captain Patrick Brown once “Better Angels” began its tour because, along with B.C. Ray Downey, he was the firefighter other firefighters knew best. His reputation preceded him. He had a baby grand in his apartment and tucked a yoga mat under his arm for his run to the firehouse. A decorated Marine sergeant in Vietnam, Guiliani called him “a legend in the life of the fire department” during his funeral mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, packed with thousands. Firefighters 3 to 4 deep lined block after block of Fifth Avenue to honor him. His stories are legion – but not mine to tell. “Men wanted to work for him because he lived his life so well,” is the last line in his NFFF biography.

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