The Things We Learn…

In the WEEKS since I wrote, I’ve been hard hard hard at work on the paintings, the crates, name tags for the Dallas Stair Climb group, and more.  In the end I did a little or a lot of work on 61 paintings.  Before on the left, after on the right:

The differences in the wood’s color are the differences in the 2 scans.  The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

Throughout the yearlong tour with the NFFF,  I continued to see better reference pictures of these men that showed me detail I didn’t have when I began.  As an artist, I wanted to “fix them.”  (Technically it is still possible because they haven’t had their final varnish.)

Plus, painting these men changed how I paint.  And how I see.

There are also a few where I needed to correct their unit, add a “Jr,” or (aarrgh!) correct the spelling on their names:

These updated paintings will replace their earlier incarnations on the website before the fall.  It will probably happen over the course of several weeks.

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for Colorado Springs!   More soon.


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