Williamson, B.C. John

Williamson, B.C. John

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  1. Beau Leewright says:

    I had the privilege to climb in the memory of this courageous and selfless man today Sept 7, 2013 in the Dallas stair climb. This was an honor that can’t be put in to words. This was by far the hardest that I have ever had to push myself in anything. In the times that I thought I could not press on, I would look down and see the picture of the man that made the climb before me and in that moment was the most humbling moment and made me push on to make sure that his memory and legacy made it to the top with the other 343. This was my first year but not my last and I will climb for BC john Williamson every year from now on. It is my privilege to honor his memory everyyear aslong as I can.

    Beau Leewright, ff/emt-b

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