Warchola, Lt. Michael

Warchola, Lt. Michael

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  1. I took part of the San Antonio 110 memorial tower climb today, Sept. 11th, 2015, and was fortunate enough to carry a badge and placard with Lt. Michael Warchola’s information on it.

    This event takes place at the Tower of the Americas here in San Antonio annually and they have pictures of the fallen all the way up the staircase throughout the entire tower climb. There are 65 flights of stairs leading up to the top of the Tower of the Americas, so we complete two trips up and down.

    I wasn’t able to find Lt Warchola’s picture the first time up, however on my second trip I was his photo on the third floor. It was a very hot and humid day today in San Antonio, and was a difficult climb. However I pushed on knowing that Lt Warchola paid the ultimate sacrifice and I wanted to pay tribute to him.

    I know it must be really hard for his family and loved ones to try and move forward with the loss of this wonderful man. However he chose the life of service and we are so grateful that there are men and women like him to help protect our cities and country. Thank you very much for allowing me to climb for you today Lt. Michael Warchola. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    -Jon FitzSimon

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