Tarasiewicz, Allan

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  1. Debbie Phillips says:

    Today, 9/7/13, was Charlotte Fire Department’s 3rd annual stair climb, my first one climbing. Earlier this week I came down with a sinus infection which turned immediately to bronchial asthma. Determind to make the climb, I went to the doctor with meds on board, I hoped to be better. After a night of no sleep before the climb it wasn’t looking so good. 430am came early…I looked myself in the mirror, promise my self I’d give it a try, covered my dark circles with concealer and grade to the climb. Inhaler in hand, I found myself praying to get through it with no asthma attack.

    The CFD pipe band began their practice, and suddenly I felt the urge to challenge myself more. So I signed up for an air pack, adding an additional 25lbs(?) to my climb. I met my husband, brother in law, father in law (all previous mentioned are firefighters) and my sister in law and began stretching before our line up.

    The strength, support and raw emotion that loom right before I rang the bell and said Allan’s name, were unexplainable. Beginning my first flight I kept saying “I can do this!”..Rounding the bend to flight 25, my chest feels like its touching my back and I think, “you’ve got to dump this air pack”. Stopping for a quick break, I glance to my name tag, looking down at Allan’s face, I knew what I had to do.

    On came flight 50 for water and our first “longer than 2 min break”. Sitting down, exhausted I realize that I have already done so much more than what I thought I could handle. After about a 10 min break, we gathered our crew “Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department & Family” and prepared for 50 more. Out of no where I could breathe just fine. Our group of 18, finished the 110 flights all pushing each other and encouraging each other all the way to the top.

    Sitting in the hall after returning my air pack, I find myself fighting back tears. I accomplished more than what I imagined, I carried Allan to the top of 110 flights for the 3rd annual stair climb. Along the way reaching out to my family & friends to say special prayers for his loved ones. I felt the prayers & I hope you did too!

    I know that is a long story but I wanted you to know that Allan and I accomplished a lot today and I am the one honored and thankful to have carried his name to the top. I’m looking forward to to the next stair climb and I will keep you in my prayers.

    Thanks for listening to my story!
    Debbie Phillips
    Wife of Cpt. Justin Phillips

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