Sullivan, Lt. Christopher

Sullivan, Lt. Christopher

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  1. Robert Sullivan says:

    One day we went fluke fishing on a party boat and it was kind of slow. I had probably caught a half dozen fish and my brother Chris had caught only one small fish and the day was almost over. I kept ragging him all day, saying things like; “why don’t you come fish over here so I can show you how it’s done. Let me give you some fishing lessons. Try changing your bait that’s how I’m catching em. Don’t fireman know how to catch fish?” He was pissed. On the last drift of the day, he picked up a doormat fluke and won the pool on the boat. Now it was his turn. I had to listen to him for the rest of the day about how to catch the big ones; “use big bait to catch big fish, don’t reel them in so quick, make sure you use the light tackle so you can feel em better on the line”. We had a lot of fun. Chris loved fishing and I loved going with him. I hope he’s fishing in heaven.

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