Scauso, Dennis

Scauso, Dennis

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3 Responses to Scauso, Dennis

  1. Juliette Scauso says:

    Wow. Who painted this? This is amazing, and its very touching to know that someone painted this of my father.

    • Janice Frye-Johnson says:

      It is beautiful, and I hope you found the person who created it. My sister-in-law grew up on Burr Rd. and knew your mom well, and I have followed your family’s journey as best I could at a distance. The internet can be so wonderful that way. It is beautiful to randomly click on a link and see one of his kids in a story or commenting on a page like this. He would no doubt be very proud of his legacy…

  2. Alfredo Del Valle says:

    I had the privilege of climbing for Mr. Scauso this year at the 9/11 Memorial Climb in Dallas. It was a great honor, as it was my first climb. God bless those affected by this terrible tragedy, and God bless our country.

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