Ryan, B.C. Matthew

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4 Responses to Ryan, B.C. Matthew

  1. Gene McGowan says:

    Miss ya Matty!

  2. Meaghan Ryan-Schmidt says:

    Matty the daddy was a great guy and is missed everyday.


  3. Margaret Ryan says:

    Left big footprints to follow and a big hole in everyone’s heart.

  4. Joseph Ferolano says:

    Uncle Matty was a good friend of my Dad’s. They would come to visit us during the summer in Pennsylvania and we would visit them sometimes on the island. I remember one vacation that was coming to a close and they were getting ready to leave. Packing the car was somewhat of an event with all the kids. After packing the car Uncle Matty grabbed all the kids and took us for ice cream saying he just didn’t want the vacation to end. I aspire to be that kind of father – the kind who would relish every moment with his family.

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