Rivelli Jr., Joseph

Rivelli Jr., Joseph

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  1. MAJ Michael Ozols says:

    On 9/11/2013, I wore Joseph Rivelli Jr.’s picture as I climbed the Tower of the Americas in rememberance of all those who were lost in this terrible tragedy. I am an active duty Officer in the United States Army. I joined the Army ten months after the tragic events of September 11th, so that those who were lost, were never forgotten. Thank you Joseph Rivelli, Jr. for your selfless service and dedication to duty.

  2. Tina Palausky says:

    On Sept 11-2014 I climbed the stairs at Cahokia Mounds In Collinsville, IL and I had the honor of representing you. We made it 7 times up and down the stairs which were 102 stairs up and down. Thanks for helping me get through it. God Bless You!

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