Ogren, Joseph

Ogren, Joseph

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  1. Justin Glass, Lt. says:

    While participating in the 9/11, 110 story Alabama Memorial Stair Climb I had plenty of time to reflect…

    Not knowing much about Joseph Ogren at the time, only that he was assigned to FDNY Ladder 3 and he did not come home that day, I climb in remembrance of him. I wondered did he have kids, was he married, who were his parents and how long had he been with the department? Within my silence I thought of the grievance Joseph’s loved one’s experienced and likely are still experiencing. Later I Googled and found that Joseph graduated from the fire academy the same year and month I did. He was the son of a retired Captain and twin brother of another FDNY firefighter. Joseph was scheduled to marry his fiancé of seven years that year.

    I related my journey through the grievance process to those who knew Joseph. I thought a lot about that Tuesday morning when Chris Roy made his last call. He had brought us in fresh deer meat for me to cook that day. We had just made a fresh cup of coffee as he told us the story of how he harvested that deer straight from his back yard… Then came “the tones”… I saw the fire truck hit the 18 wheeler as I often do when we pass through that intersection. I heard Chris say, “Justin I can’t breathe” as I hear in my memory often. I thought of how much God has allowed me to learn through that experience and how much I truly depend on Him. I think about the many others around me that grieve on a daily basis, the one who lost a child at a young age, the one who’s been through a divorce, the ones who don’t have their parents, the one who lost a friend to tragedy, the one who lost their sole mate after 53 years of marriage. They all need the same thing, someone who will listen. I don’t need someone to shake me and tell me “you need to get over it Justin and move on”! If that mom wants to go to her child’s grave on its birthday and eat cupcakes just to reflect, then we need sit with her, listen and get icing all over us! Grievance is not something you get over, it’s something you go through. Reflection and sharing of the memories is the best healing. It’s my hope that many are listening to those who lost love one’s on that September day thirteen years ago like the Ogren Family.

    As I began to make my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th set of climbs up the RSA Tower, I passed some of my brothers as we rested for a moment. There was a low tone question asked, “you good”? “Yep”. And we continue on. “You good” to me translates into, “hey come on, you can do it”, “do you need anything”, “I’ve got your back”… There’s an unspoken sense of love and trust within the group of guys I have the privilege to work with. Working at the fire department is much like a marriage. You live a third of your life together, you share leftovers, you hold each other accountable, you get to know each other’s family which extends your family, you share your trials and tribulations with each other, you help each other at home on your off days and through all of this that love and trust grows. Personally, I don’t have a problem telling the guys that work with me that I love them.

    I’m thankful to God for giving me this gift, the fire department.

    Justin Glass, Lt
    Calera Fire Department
    Calera, Al

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