Mitchell, Lt. Paul

Mitchell, Lt. Paul

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  1. Marie says:

    That’s my brother! Time stood still on 9/11…but he/they all live on in our hearts and memories. Can’t help but wonder what he would look like now…ten years later. Glad to have this heartfelt rendering of him/them. Thanks so very much.

  2. Brian Stanush says:

    I was humbled and honored to carry the name of Lt. Paul Mitchell , Battalion I, FDNY, with me up the Tower of America’s at the San Antonio 110, 9/11 Memorial Climb this past Friday on Sept. 11, 2015. Know that your loved one, along with the rest of his brave brothers, will always be remembered and honored by me as what it means to be a true American Hero. God Bless .

    Captain Brian W Stanush
    Ladder 9, Battalion 6
    San Antonio Fire Department

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