Leavey, Lt. Joseph

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  1. Nora Coco says:

    My brother Lt. Joseph G. Leavey had always wanted to be a “Fireman” from about the age of 4 when he would run to watch Engine 82 from the Bronx careen down Broadway from our 2nd floor apartment in Inwood. My mom would take him to one of the neighborhood engine companies firehouse so that he could visit. While there he would have a million and one questions for the firefighter who was on duty. He was that interested in all about his future career. He was on the force just shy of 20 years and he worked and studied his way up the ladder. In fact he was scheduled to take the Captains test in October of 2001 but lo and behold the “big one” hit and the rest is history. There is no doubt that he would have passed the exam. He was a very dedicated leader; and he was so knowledgeable about downtown NYC and its skyscrapers. You see he had a degree in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College and worked as an Engineer in the private sector waiting on the call from the FDNY. He was always teaching himself and learning new information and he shared his knowledge with his fellow firefighters. He was generous with his knowledge and expertise because he took his role of service seriously. He and his men of Ladder 15 made it to the 78th floor of the South Tower that day and offered hope
    for the many victims who needed help. My brother and his comrades were true heroes for sure.

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