Lane, Robert

Lane, Robert

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  1. Kristy Ratliff says:

    I carried you today, 110 floors at the 2013 Charlotte Firefighters Memorial Stair Climb. I met some very close friends of yours that came all the way just to see who was carrying you. I was tremendously blessed by them and to hear your story. Thank you for touching my life today through your friends. It was an honor to carry you and I pray that your memories live on forever!

  2. Levi McCoid says:

    On September 7th 2013 I climbed 110 floors in the Dallas memorial stair climb. As I prepared for the climb I read your story. I was honored to have climb for you. Your story along with the event made me feel apart of something bigger. The brotherhood was alive and well. After reading your story, finding out that you were involved with the burn foundation, I knew you were the type that would have climbed for you brothers. I thank you, your brothers, and your family for the sacrifices made on that fate full day. We climb cause you climbed!

    RFB…. Levi McCoid

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