Healey, Lt. Michael

Healey, Lt. Michael

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  1. Tommy Thompson says:

    I am a retired Battalion Chief from the San Antonio Fire Department. I retired 3 years ago after a 35 year career. Today I participated in the inaugural San Antonio 110 Tower Climb. Those who participated climbed the stairway of the Tower of the Americas. The goal was to climb 110 stories which meant having to climb the tower twice (which actually was more than 110 because the tower is approximately 60 stories tall). Each firefighter was given a card with the picture of a FDNY firefighter who was killed on 9/11. “My” firefighter was Lt. Michael Healey, Squad 41. It was an honor to be able to complete this small gesture on behalf of Lt. Healey. Today, Lt. Healey made it to the top and back. We did it together!

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