Gies, Ronnie

Gies, Ronnie

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  1. Eric Hendrix says:

    Two years ago at a 9/11 memorial service at my church our pastor asked each of us to come up to the altar & pick up a name of one of the victims of the terrorist attacks & pray not only for the soul of that individual but for their family, friends, & loved ones. Of all the names I could have picked up that day (they were all listed not just emergency responders), I picked Ronnie’s name at random. How awesome since I’m in the fire service too! Ever since that day I”ve prayed often for he & his family & his brothers at the FDNY. I decided to climb for Ronnie last year in the 2nd annual climb in Charlotte, NC & again this year. It was trully an honor to carry you to the top. God bless you Ronnie & rest well my brother! You have not been forgotten.

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