Farino, Cpt. Thomas

Farino, Cpt. Thomas

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  1. Captain Robert Rainey says:

    Upon my retirement as the Captain of Engine 26 F.D.N.Y., Capt. Tom Farino took my place. We knew each other during the time I was captain of Engine 26. Tom was a Lieuenant in Ladder 24 just south of us. A smart, likable, fine fire officer I was honored that he took over Engine 26 after I left. His loss and the loss the other members who made a decision to love others more than play it safe that day has changed my life forever. He and the others stood tall for as once was said about another F.D.N.Y. Captain, John Dunne, “If you have nothing you will give your life for it is because you stand for nothing”
    On 9/11/01 343 and many more stood tall.

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