Correa, Ruben

Correa, Ruben

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  1. Kevin says:

    I have many memories with Ruben. The best one is when he took me to the fire house and showed me the Rig , hit the light and a few hits of the siren. Then I remember going upstairs to the bunk area and I would jump from bed to bed . I remember him telling not to jump in one of the beds but I can jump on the others “hey take that pillow and jump all over hit” with that big smile. Obviously I couldn’t jump on the bunk he slept in but he let me destroy the rest of the guys bed. Sitting at the firehouse kitchen table was the best memory by far. I remember being so enamored with it because it had the engine 74 logo with the Jurassic park t-Rex. Dave would make me a sandwich and give me wise plain chips with Snapple or the old school cherry mystic drink . Great times that left a lifelong impression on me. Never in a million years would I have imagined that this man would be my future father in-law . But little did we both know, we got to have our bonding time together and I cherish them till this day.

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