Cain, George

Cain, George

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2 Responses to Cain, George

  1. Rosemary Cain, mother of George Cain, F.D.N.Y. says:

    This is such a wonderful tribute to our loved ones and
    I am grateful to those who shared their love and talent.
    It’s ironic that someone from Colorado was so inspired to do this because George loved Colorado and lived there for 4 years prior to joinng the Fire dept. He loved the mountains of Telluride. Thank you for doing this.

  2. Jim Lynch says:

    I doubt you remember me. When the USS New York sailed past the World Trade Center site I was down there in uniform, a Marine with his wife, to see the salute. As I walked away from the waterfront you stopped me, you gave me a hug and called me a hero. Then you told me about your son, George, and gave me a memorial card with his picture. For me that was something that I can never forget. It was the most humbling moment in my life when a mother who lost her son pulled me in for a hug and spoke to me as if I was the one who gave the greatest sacrifice. I didn’t know what too say, was too overwhelmed and too afraid to show emotion to stay.

    I saw your pain, still fresh. I can’t do anything to ever take that away, but please know that I share in it.

    I still have the memorial card you gave me, George is not forgotten.

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