Belson, Stephen

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  1. Bob Jones says:

    I was honored to run the Tunnel to Towers run in Medina in honor of Stephen Belson on September 14th.
    I came in first place and thought about Stephen’s bravery along the race route.
    I’m also a reporter for WEWS-TV in Cleveland and I put together a story on the 911 exhibit
    visiting our community. I’ve included the link below. Thanks for including Medina in this very important event.
    It is truly our privilege to participate! God bless Stephen, his family and the rest
    of our heroes.

  2. Al Hagan says:

    In 1998, my firehouse ran the Medal Day collation for the 3rd Division. We were raising money to help another Firefighter, Jay Weinstein. Steve Belson (who I long ago attended Francis Lewis High School with) won the 50%-50% raffle. It was, for Firefighters a substantial amount of money. We took Steve into another room to give him his winnings, he told us that he was “giving it back”, that Jay needed it far more than him. We urged him to at least take half of the half as there were many guys from his house that would be expecting him “to buy”. He told us, “I know. I’ll take care of it”.

    Steve Belson exemplified the true selfless and generous spirit of Firefighters. Quite a guy!

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