Anaya Jr., Calixto

Anaya Jr., Calixto

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  1. Kaylyn Martinez says:

    This was my first 9/11 climb in San Antonio,TX. Honestly I had no idea of what to expect through the climb. I realized that climbing up those steps one foot after the other wasn’t just for me BUT for this man, my person I get to represent through all the pain and sweat because he gave the ultimate sacrifice, his life. Once I was almost up to the top of the tower all I could think about is “I am doing this with the faith that this man is missed by many even to this day..and I get the privilege to carry his name up” THAT IS WHAT KEPT ME GOING, even when I didn’t want to anymore. I signed his name proudly on the flag and rang the bell in his honor. It’s a moment I won’t ever forget.

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