Survivor Testimony

A lot of “civilians” have been able to come see the exhibit here in Clearwater. I want to share one story I heard today.
She worked on the 81st floor of the North Tower. It took her 1 hour and 20 minutes to walk down to safety. On the 44th floor, she and her friend who was walking down with her ran out of energy. Her friend suggested they stop to rest. One of the firefighters going up the stairs they were coming down stopped for a couple minutes to offer her a few deep hits of oxygen from his mask. She was energized enough by that to continue her journey. Her friend who chose to rest a while longer never made it out of the building.
This woman looked at the Better Angels wall of firefighters and said aloud, “I wish I knew which one he was.”

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One Response to Survivor Testimony

  1. Karen Marx says:

    Dawn – I know that your art is so powerful for everyone who sees it. What a gift you have given and with so much love. I hope that tens of thousands of people are able to visit your art exhibit and give thanks for the brave men and women, and appreciate their own lives. What you have done is magnificent. Warm wishes, Karen

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