Rescue One

Rescue 1 is one of five Rescue Companies in the FDNY and the only one based in Manhattan. Located at 530 W. 43rd St, near the Hudson River and the U.S.S. Intrepid, the first plane that hit the WTC flew almost directly overhead as it headed south. Rescue 1 was called to the scene about one minute after the strike. About 3 miles away, due north, they were one of the first companies to arrive.

Rescue 1 was established in 1915, and evolved along with the FDNY. From the start, rescue companies were about rescuing, whether that meant civilians or other firefighters. Rescue companies introduce new equipment, new procedures, new training and have tools in their toolbox other trucks don’t have.

Rescue 1 lost 11 men on 9/11, representing over 200 years of cumulative experience. A Rescue Company has 1 captain, 3 lieutenants, and 25-26 firefighters. Under normal circumstances, six would be on duty at any given time. 9/11 was not normal circumstances. 
The first strike happened at 8:46. For civilians, this was probably fortunate as many NYC jobs begin at 9 which meant thousands weren’t yet at work in the WTC. But for the FDNY, the hour between 8 & 9 is the changing of the guard, so the night shift was still around when the day shift was coming in. So FDNY Rescue 1 rode in heavy with ten men on the truck. Another man temporarily assigned to light duty with a different company responded on his own.

I will begin listing the men of Rescue One tomorrow, 9/11/14, on the thirteenth anniversary. First up tomorrow will be Captain Terrance Hatton.

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