Lt. Robert Regan

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Lt. Robert Regan, 48, started his career as a civil engineer, but once his daughter was born, he quit his job and joined the FDNY so he could spend more time as a father. Four years later his son came along. He was a regular Mr. Mom and proud of it. “Bobby” Regan met his wife when he was 21 and she was just 15 and he was her math tutor. With time and perseverance, he won her parents over and they got permission to date.

With a firehouse nickname of “Dizzy Dean,” Regan’s remains were found on New Year’s Day 2002 alongside fellow firefighters Joseph Agnello and PeteVega. Regan “never once turned his back on any responsibility that was given to him,” said his wife. “He had the most beautiful blue-green eyes that you ever wanted to see.”

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