Lt. Peter Freund

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Lt. Peter Freund, 45, loved astronomy. He had built an observatory in his backyard, complete with a retractable roof and a camera on his telescope. Living in farm country upstate New York, (a 2-hour commute from Engine 55), he and his wife would spend evenings star-gazing to a Grateful Dead soundtrack. This father of four had 23 years with the FDNY. On the side he coached his kids in football, baseball, and softball. He’d first met his wife back in high school when he was a star football player and she was a cheerleader, but they went separate ways for 14 years before they met anew and married.

He had recently been planning a career change. A week after 9/11, his family received his acceptance letter to teach high school mathematics upstate where they lived.

Freund’s remains were recovered in Stairwell B of the North Tower on 10/21. His cousin, Tim McSweeney of Ladder 3 was also a 9/11 fatality.

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