Lt. Kevin Pfeifer

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In the documentary “9/11,” filmed by the French Naudet brothers, the men of Engine 33 can be seen in the lobby of the North Tower. The Battalion Chief in the North Tower is Joseph Pfeifer, brother to Lieutenant Kevin Pfeifer who is leading Engine 33. They nod to one another as Engine 33 enters a stairwell to begin their ascent to the higher floors. Joseph thought his brother Kevin and Engine 33 were around the 40th floor when the South Tower collapsed. Hearing the evacuation order, they began their descent. Around the 10th floor it was necessary to change stairwells because the one they were on was blocked. Kevin Pfeifer directed the men of Engine 7 to the open stairwell and he and his men were presumably behind them on their way out. Engine 7 made it out to safety no more than 30 seconds before the second collapse. Lt. Pfeifer and five other firefighters from Engine 33 weren’t so lucky.

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