Hot Shot Firefighters in Arizona

There is such tragic news in the fire service today with the loss of 19 wildland firefighters in Arizona.  Devastating.  Details are still to be learned so I won’t misinform here.  My heart and best wishes go out to those families and that community.  I am so so sorry for your loss.


(Thanks to Rhett from for the  picture.)

Today’s tragedy has undoubtably made many remember Storm King, almost 19 years ago.  Certainly in Colorado they remember.  I moved to Colorado that July 4th weekend of 1994 and it was on the 6th that the South Canyon Fire on Storm King Mountain took the lives of 14.  The longer I lived in Colorado, the more obvious the very real danger of fire in the Mountain West became, and the more often I heard the words “Storm King.” And the more I admired ALL firefighters.

I had planned to write today to say I would soon be posting the paintings one, two and three at a time on the BetterAngels911 Facebook page, starting with Division 1.  This will last through the year.  I will be presenting them by unit and company this time, adding side links to Engine and Ladder company websites where they exist.  But more on that in a day or two.  Posting will begin on the July 4th.

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