Firehouse Expo, Baltimore

Baltimore gave a taste of things to come. At Firehouse Expo, people reached out to the paintings: pointing, touching, or putting their palms on the glass in blessing. They came alone, as families, in groups of friends. All day long cell phones were put up to the paintings, framing firefighters on their screens.

I would ask: “Did you know people on this wall?” and the answers came back: “I knew 43… Twenty… 7… my son’s coach’s son… my neighbor… our son… my father… 240…”

With millions I mourned the loss and felt the wound, but I never knew anyone who died that day, and I never met anyone on this wall.  I was introduced to these men as I painted them.  I met their spirit and not their tragedy.  To those who knew them, these paintings are offered in their honor.

SOON I will have PICTURES to share from Baltimore.

SOON I can post when and where Better Angels will appear in MANHATTAN in SEPTEMBER!!!!!


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7 Responses to Firehouse Expo, Baltimore

  1. Nancy says:


    I am SO HAPPY to hear this amazing project is being seen by people who can appreciate what you have created!!!

    Love and Blessings,


  2. Lynn Kearney says:

    how wonderful Dawn! Your dream is coming true.

  3. Joyce Rambert says:

    I will be looking forward to the photos!

  4. Glad to hear this project you committed yourself to is realized and appreciated. Be proud for having seen it through.

  5. Pat DeBari says:

    Dear Dawn,

    At the Baltimore Expo, I had the honor of viewing your magnificent exhibit as did hundreds of others. How fortunate we were to see and experience it, first hand. Your devoted time, energy, passion and love for this project shows in this presentation. Truly a legacy.
    Thank you!

  6. Jacqueline Pawloff says:

    Dear Dawn,
    Congratulations! Your exhibit is beautiful and such a wonderful, beautiful, and sensitive memorial to the firefighters who lost their lives for all of us. I know how you persevered and struggled to get this exhibit out there for all to see. It will touch many, many hearts.

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