Firefighter Thomas Kuveikis

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Thomas Kuveikis, 48, nicknamed “TK,” initiated a firehouse tradition of going to the local church to find a family to sponsor each Christmas, buying them presents and a tree.

This 24-year veteran had a brother who followed him into the FDNY, as they both had followed their father. But first, he studied architecture before joining FDNY, and continued with carpentry as a hobby.

His reputation as a firefighter preceded him. “He was the kind of firefighter who would always go in deeper than he was expected to. He was a very aggressive fireman.” He inspired his younger brother who said, “If I could be half the fireman that he was, I’ll have a really good career. I can honestly say that my big brother was my hero.”

Engaged to be married, Kuveikis had a 10-year-old daughter from his first marriage.

His was one of the very last FDNY funerals. The family had continued to hold out hope that some remains might be found to be buried.

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