Firefighter Terrence Farrell

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Terrence Farrell, 45, was the father of two. As a transit police officer, Farrell had specialized in disasters, excellent preparation for joining Rescue 4.

When Farrell first joined the FDNY, his blood was added to a donor bank for possible bone marrow transplants. In 1993 he learned he was a match for a little girl with t-cell lymphoma. If he donated his marrow he could quite possibly save her life. He did and a year later he learned she was pronounced cured. She and her family flew to New York to meet him and they all had lunch at the World Trade Center. After 9/11, firefighters raised money for airfare so that family could fly back to New York for his funeral.


The Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund distributes donated equipment to small and rural fire departments around the country. They also provide scholarships to the children of firefighters and direct financial assistance to fire departments, individuals and organizations in the fire service.

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