Firefighter Stanley Smagala, Jr.

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On 9/11, there were 52 women pregnant with children fathered by men who died that day. I do not know how many were the wives of firefighters. One was married to Firefighter Stanley Smagala Jr., 36. and their baby was born on January 9, 2002. She had blond hair and blue eyes like her father.

Smagala came from a big family and wanted a big family. He joined the FDNY with one of his brothers. A fellow firefighter at Engine 226 called Smagala a “real sweetheart. He was a good fireman. He cared about people and wasn’t afraid to do the job.” He continued, “He’d always joke around, even at the worst of times. I understand he was laughing that day, on the way to the towers. He was a real good guy.”

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