Firefighter Shawn Powell

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Shawn Powell, 32, was an artist and a woodcarver. He sometimes made props for local theatre productions. He was studying architecture. 
Powell married his high school sweetheart in 1989, joined the army and was stationed mainly in Germany for his four years. He remained an Army reservist.

The Powells had one five-year-old boy. In the summer of 2010, Shawn Powell took several camping trips with his son, teaching him how to pitch a tent and start a campfire. Another father-son trip was planned for later that September.
 At least as recently as the 10th anniversary, no trace of Shawn has ever been found that his parents might bury.

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One Response to Firefighter Shawn Powell

  1. Audrey Burtrum-Stanley says:

    (1) Shawn took a camping trip in 2010? The 9-11 events happened in 2001. Please change the this portion to present an accurate date.
    (2) Shawn married his school sweetheart / they had a son. Yet, you conclude the presentation by writing:
    “…no trace of Shawn has ever been found that his parents might bury.”
    This would better read:
    “…no trace of Shawn has ever been found for his FAMILY.”
    There was no mention of divorce so his memorial arrangements would have normally been handled by his wife. ALSO – not everyone is ‘buried’ today – a growing number are cremated and not all ashes are buried.
    This is an excellent website. I am extremely grateful it has been ; the touching stories are fascinating about each man plus the portrait paintings are memorable. This Internet presentation does a special honor to all and for all. Thank You.

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