Firefighter Michael Ragusa

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Michael Ragusa, 29, was on the FDNY’s waiting list for seven years before he was able to join the force in 1999. He was based with Engine 250 in Brooklyn, but was on rotation to Engine 279 on 9/11. He loved being a firefighter and just in August had the opportunity to be the nozzle man at a large paint fire in Brooklyn. 
134 firefighter families have had no one to bury following 9/11, and not one firefighter from Engine 279 or Ladder 131 was ever found. The memorial service for Michael Ragusa was the very last FDNY memorial service of all 343, held just a few days shy of the 2-year anniversary. His parents despaired of burying an empty coffin, so they retrieved a vial of blood that he had donated to the National Marrow Donor program and buried that in his coffin, grateful to have something of him.

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