Firefighter Gregory Saucedo

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Gregory Saucedo, 31, was the bench-press champ of Ladder 5. This 10-year FDNY veteran was also an avid and tireless runner who spent his last hour sprinting up and down the stairs of the North Tower aiding victims. He was working with Lt. Giammona that day and they were last seen on the 37th floor of Tower One and heading higher. They had been seen administering CPR at one point and helping a woman in a wheelchair down the stairs at another. One of four close-knit brothers who lost their parents when they were still young, the youngest was a probie firefighter who spent weeks at the site looking for his brother, Gregory. Only a mangled yellow flashlight with his name on it was ever found.

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  1. Dennis Gaulding says:

    September 6th, 2014 I will be participating on the OKC 9/11 stairclimb. We will finish the climb that our brothers started. I was given his name and will make the climb.


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