Firefighter Christian Regenhard

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Christian Regenhard, 28, had been a firefighter for just six weeks. Nicknamed “Braveheart,” this probie had graduated from the academy on July 27th. 
After graduating from the elite Bronx High School of Science, Regenhard — with an IQ of 146 — joined the Marines on his 19th birthday, retiring five years later as a sergeant.

The Marines made him an experienced mountain and rock climber, a pursuit he continued whenever he could. This world traveler had already visited 22 countries, and especially loved South America.

Assigned to Ladder 131, Regenhard was covering for someone in the Engine company on the morning of 9/11 and rode in with them.

Regenhard’s mother has been among the most active 9/11 family members, devoting herself to improving skyscraper safety, both design and evacuation protocols.

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