Firefighter Andrew Jordan

160 Jordan fb

The youngest of Andrew Jordan’s four children was born on September 26th. He was working on 9/11 so he could have some extra time when his son was born. Jordan, 36, had always worked two jobs. He was also an electric lineman. Fellow firefighters described him as “a real fun-loving guy. A big fellow but a gentle giant.”

He was inspired to join the FDNY during Hurricane Gloria in 1985. With the power out, a neighbor lit a kerosene lamp that somehow ignited the whole house. Jordan had the presence of mind to pull the neighbor’s car out of the garage so there wouldn’t be an even bigger catastrophe. Then he led a disabled woman to safety. In 1994 he joined the FDNY. He must have loved the job because he put up with a two-and-a-half hour commute to get to it.

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