Firefighter Andrew Brunn

037 Brunn fb


Andrew Brunn, 28, loved to surf and skateboard. At 6’2”, he had a formidable presence. Beginning his career with the City of New York as a police officer in 1993, he joined the FDNY in May, 2001, because he thought he would have a better chance of saving people. This is what he was hard at work doing on 9/11. He and four others from Ladder 5 were on the 35th floor of Tower One when they heard the order to evacuate. They started back down, their exit slowed by helping an injured man and woman escape. They had made it as far down as the fifth floor when the tower collapsed. Their bodies were found together that Friday, September 14th.

Brunn was still a “probie” when he died. Along with five other rookies, he would be awarded his graduation diploma posthumously that November.

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