Father’s Day

I believe the 343 firefighters on the BETTER ANGELS wall represent 602 children left behind.  A staggering number.  For New York we added a panel to the exhibit that included the names of 64 FDNY firefighters who have died since 9/11 but whose deaths are officially attributed to health issues from the attack and aftermath.

Here are their names, listed alphabetically.  Sadly, this number will continue to grow.

FF Vincent J. Albanese, Lad 38

Supv. Electrician Philip J. Berger

FF Russell C. Brinkworth, Lad 135

Paramedic Carene A. Brown

Lt. Richard M. Burke, Eng 97

B.C. Kevin R. Byrnes, Bat 7

FF Carl Capobianco, Lad 87

Capt. Kevin J. Cassidy, Eng 320

FF Roy W. Chelsen, Eng 28

Lt. Joseph P. Colleluori Jr. Eng 324

FF Joseph P. Costello, Bat 58

FF Joan R. Daley, Eng 63

FF Kevin M. Delano, Lad 142

FF Robert W. Dillon, Eng 153

EMS Lt. Brian Ellicott

Lt. Peter J. Farrenkopf, Marine 6

FF Robert A. Ford, Eng 284

FF Bruce M. Foss, Lad 108

Lt. John A. Garcia, Lad 5

FF Raymond W. Hauber, Eng 284

Lt. Robert M. Hess, Lad 76

Lt. Thomas J. Hodges, Eng 313

FF Stephen M. Johnson, Lad 25

FF Vanclive A. Johnson, Lad 135

FF Timothy G. Lockwood, Eng 275

FF Brian C. Malloy, Lad 80

FF Richard A. Manetta, Lad 156

FF Sean M. McCarthy, Eng 280

FF John F. McNamara, Eng 234

FF William E. Moreau, Eng 166

FM Steven C. Mosiello, C.O.D.

Lt. John P. Murray, Eng 165

Lt. Reinaldo Natal, Field Comm.

FF Anthony J. Nuccio, Lad 175

FF. William O’Connor, Lad 84

FF John F. O’Neill, Lad 52

FF Jacques W. Paultre, Eng 50

Paramedic Deborah Reeve

FF Edward F. Reilly Jr., Lad 160

Lt. Thomas G. Roberts, Lad 40

EMT Freddie Rosario

FF James J. Ryan, Lad 167

Paramedic Clyde F. Sealey

FF Michael J. Shagi, Eng 74

FF Michael Sofia, Eng 165

FF William R. St. George, Bat S.O.C.

FF John P. Sullivan Jr., Lad 34

Lt. Vincent J. Tancredi II, Lad 47

FF Edward V. Tietjen, Lad 48

B.C. John J. Vaughan, Bat 3

FF Walter Voight, Lad 144

Lt. Harry Wanamaker Jr., Marine 1

FF Robert J. Wieber, Eng 262

Lt. Randy J. Wiebicke, Lad 1

F.M. William Wilson Jr., Man Base

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