End of Phase One

Capt. Timothy Stackpole’s brother was our last visitor to the display in New York City.

Joe Donovan was one of our Friday volunteers.  Here he speaks with a family from Spain.

We had many visitors from around the world: Germany, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy, India, Ireland, Japan, Yemen, Spain and Saudi Arabia.

Here volunteers Ann and Stu field questions from a steady stream of visitors.


Every morning @ 6AM, kind souls from FDNY’s Counseling Services Unit arrived to man the space. (They also helped us set the exhibit up and take it down!!) Then starting at 8AM, there were two to five volunteers for every shift who joined me in speaking with the thousands of visitors. Each volunteer had their own way of engaging people, and their own distinctive connection to the fire service. Some knew many of the 343, several know personally about being a family member left behind. A few were old friends of mine from when I lived in NYC 20 years ago. Many traveled from afar and did multiple shifts.

Thank you to Jimmy, Michael, Bernadine, James, Tom, Al, Natalie, Bob, Pat, Lynn, Sara, Justin, Maura, Stu, Rich, Ann and Joe. And to Charlie, John and all the other Counseling Services guys whose names I wasn’t clever enough to write down. Plus Joe Minogue.

Finally, thank you to Brookfield Properties for providing this wonderful space, to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, my partner for these past three years, without whom none of this would have happened, to Commissioner Cassano and the entire Fire Department of the City of New York, and to all firefighters and those who love them everywhere.

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