Capt. Robert Egan Jr.

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Capt. Martin Egan, Jr., 36, joined the FDNY in 1986 when he was 21. He made Captain in May 2000. Both of his brothers followed him into the FDNY. He was assigned to Ladder 118 but was transferred to Division 15 for special training in high-rise firefighting. On 9/11, I believe he responded with L118.

Proud of his Irish heritage, Egan loved St. Patrick’s Day and every year went to at least two parades: the one on Staten Island and the big one in the city.

He bought a 90-year-old house because he loved it. Although he had almost no construction experience when he started, he thought he could learn what he needed to know along the way, and he did just that. “He wasn’t afraid to try new things,” said his wife. “He did a beautiful job, and I’ll live here forever.”

Egan left behind a son, 6, and a daughter, age 4.


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