Better Angels: The Stories

Beginning sometime in August 2013, I started posting the Better Angels paintings onto the BetterAngels911 facebook page so the images could also be seen there. My thought was to post them roughly two per day, organized by company. In the beginning, I sometimes added a sentence or two that I learned either from the NFFF’s Fallen Heroes link or the New York Times profiles. As time passed, I found myself wanting to learn more about these men. Rereading WTC: In Their Own Words by Firehouse Magazine, I noted where reference was made to men among the 343. Just a little more research, then a little more, and so on until by the end of the series I was spending 10-12 hours every week researching and writing to keep up with the posted stories for each firefighter.  (A note here, if any reader sees an error, I am happy to be corrected.)


Now all the paintings have been posted on the Facebook page, but the stories aren’t on this website. So beginning April 1st, 2014, and continuing for a year, I will be posting the men’s portraits and their stories – one firefighter per day – here on the Better Angels911 blog, (which will automatically post them to FB). Before then I have to go back through the first forty or so and research and write or rewrite paragraphs for them, too. As before, they will be organized by company, beginning with Division One, Battalion One. It will take a little more than a year because I will include some of the other stories and links I found along the way.

Please remember that the most enduring way you can leave a remembrance or comment about any of the firefighters is under their portrait on this website. (All comments pass through me for approval so no junk can be posted.)

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