Adding Names

For the last week the NFFF and I have been working to update the wall for New York.

The non-painting side of the exhibit wall is filled almost end to end with the names of all the firefighters on the NFFF’s National Firefighter Memorial in Emmitsburg, MD.

Before the second time Better Angels was displayed, we had added a side panel with the names of five other non-FDNY firefighters who died at the WTC.

For New York it has always been important to recognize ALL the first responders who died that day.

So we are changing out a panel to include the names of the 37 Port Authority and 23 New York City police officers, and eleven State and Federal employees.

Then Joe sent me the authorized list with the names of 55 FDNY personnel whose deaths have officially been attributed to Ground Zero.  And we found the official list naming the 51 NYPD personnel to date.  And one more police officer from Port Authority.

This is the list that is still growing longer.  And this list only represents those whose illnesses and deaths are officially attributable.

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