We are going to NEW YORK CITY.  

The contract isn’t quite inked, so exact dates & venue are not yet for print, but THREE WEEKS, beginning mid-MAYish, in lower MANHATTAN.

NOW we need to find VOLUNTEERS to help us with the exhibit, committing to one or more 6-hour shift, answering questions, talking with people and generally helping out.  We need eyes and ears and helping hands on the ground.

We plan to have at least three people at all times and one of those would be me and/or NFFF staff.  Would you like to help us by committing to a shift?  Send a message.

We will be reaching out to the NFFF’s survivor network, and to others within that community to see if there is interest there.  I believe people will want to do this.

Having now stood with thousands of people at these paintings, I can plainly say it is a powerful thing to do.

Thank you in advance to the many volunteers I believe will step forward to help us share BETTER ANGELS: The Firefighters of 9/11 with New York City.

Some time soon I will share how very much this means to me.

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